2018 Designs Awards: Winners

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2018 Designs Awards: Winners

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These are the top 2018 designers we look to, distinctive in their excellence. If you want to get your hands on the prizes, check out all the open competitions and we’ll see you at the next trophy ceremony.


HOW International Design Awards

This year’s 25th HOW International Design Awards may inspire you with the 100 million pixels of visual storytelling or the jaw-dropping immersive experiences, including the judges’ top picks. If you understand that design is a universal language, even in the midst of disarray, explore the 294 winners judged by Su Mathews Hale, Pum Lefebure, Leland Maschmeyer, Vanessa Foley and Brian Collins.


Best of Show Winner: CityWalk Dubai | Design Firm: FLOAT4, www.float4.com | Art directors: Charles Bertrand, Sophie Midavaine, Christian Pomerleau | Music company: La Majeure | Client: Meraas Holding.


Advertising Category Winner: Say No to Spec – Buttons | Design Firm: Zulu Alpha Kilo, www.zulualphakilo.com | Art director: Jamie Mageau | Photographer:  Shereen Mroueh | Agency print producer: Laura Dubcovsky.


Outstanding Achievement Winner in the Annual Reports / Brochures Category: Axolight Bespoke Design Catalog | Design Firm: Teikna Design, www.teikna.com | Art director  / Copywrighter: Claudia Neri  | Printer: Grafiche Antiga.


Merit Winners in the Identity Design Category: Actionable Brand Identity | Design Firm: Underline Studio, www.underlinestudio.com | Art director: Claire Dawson | Designer: Hannah Lee | Client: Actionable.


German Design Award

Here you’ll find winners of 2018:


Excellent Product Design Entertainment: Libratone TRACK+ wireless earphones | Client: Libratone Design | Swift Creatives. Whether training or simply relaxing, this is your perfect minimalist and stylish music companion, a contemporary product with metal control modules to round out the exceptional headphones.

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