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World’s Best Interior Design Agencies

For interior designers and architects with talent and skill there are benefits of having award-winning websites, so here is our list of interior design agencies. We love a well-design with spaces that amaze and sell, but for the well-functioning, wonderlands there is a design agency that usually works in partnership, but is always reinventing the concept of the design, so here’s our pick of design companies flying the flag for brilliant design. With the New Year coming, it’s time to find out which are the best interior designers in the world, who represent a fellowship of standard-bearers, although you probably already know most from their project galleries.


United States is also the home of some interior designers who became internationally recognized icons and mentors. We have selected an impressive list, so below you’ll see how the only cool interior designs we all dream of having and the unique furniture becomes reality for a handful of people.


  1. Karim Rashid

Their website is regularly visited by art lovers and they are not going to stop there. Very comprehensive, with a vivid portfolio showcase, this celebrity designer raises the service expectations, reflecting on who you are and enjoys working with top professionals, strengthening their reputation, with a wow-effect.


  1. Andrey Sokruta

Unusual effects, images of works and a neatly animated portfolio make his agency one of the best.


  1. India Mahdavi

She usually creates worlds that feel familiar, but recently she created collections for Bisazza and opened the Ladurée salon de thé in Tokyo.


  1. Gensler

Whatever the size, they’re set up to deliver a global platform for design widely recognized as the leading collaborative design firm, with an ability to work together as part of their DNA. For them, design is transformative as they have more than 3,500 clients spanning every market sector, remarkably diverse, helping them grow, transform and they’re organized around each client relationship. The firm saves time and delivers innovation by matching their experience across the global economy, bearing on every project.


  1. Adjaye Associates

Whitechapel was nominated for the Stirling Prize in 2006, and has been exhibited at the VIII Venice Biennale of Architecture and the Sao Paulo Biennial. Renowned for an eclectic material and a capacity to unfold cinematically, the buildings are unified by their ability to generate a dynamic cultural discourse.


  1. Barber Design

Its work spans from luxury to travel for an impressive list of brands and we think it’s Barber’s eye that helps set its concepts apart, having their work recognized at various awards.


  1. Kelly Wearstler

Author, outré fashion plate and decorator of the Viceroy and Tides hotels, she makes for a colorful profile.


  1. Briggs Hillier

It puts the work into practice in retail interiors, communications and we particularly like its take on the ability to incorporate digital.


  1. Studio O+A

Founded by Primo Orpilla and Verda Alexander in the early 1990s, its start-up mentality is still a key feature, although through the years, it had include a range of services for major American corporations such as Levi Strauss.

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